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EPK - 2018

LOWBORN is Wes Lauterbach as lead singer and guitarist, Zane Frye on guitar and synth, William Clayton as lead guitarist and backup vocals, and Cody Bishoff playing drums and pads. All four grew up in North Carolina and now call Greensboro their home.

Finding an existing genre for them to perfectly fit into is tough. They have a strong foundation in alternative rock, but lean toward synth-driven pop, and have lyrics that rival emo bands of days gone by. Because of this, they have branded themselves as an emo/pop band and are forging their own genre, which fits them like a glove.

In a relatively short time they have made waves by having a polished live show and an engaging performance. It’s nearly impossible to stop yourself from humming their songs the day after you hear them and it keeps you wanting more. LOWBORN is on the move and has been hailed by media outlets as a “band to watch.” Keep your eye on them or else they will be out of sight before you know what happened.


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