After the dust settles

Hey everyone,


So the songs out. It’s pretty crazy the response everyone gave, thank you so much for sharing it and showing us love, it’s more than I could ever expect. The last few weeks leading up to, releasing, and post release have been a real roller coaster. I honestly just want off of the ride for a bit, downs are shitty and ups can be fun but I’d really rather just feel balanced for a while.

One more video and song to finish for the release in December, lots of work to do there, but I’m ready. It’s a pretty personal song, probably the song that will hit closest to home for a while. I’ll open up a bit more about that one in future posts.

One show left this year, super relieved to just hang and not even think about band stuff through Christmas season. Gonna leave this one short. Still super overwhelmed, but I’m sure I’ll level out this week or so. More posts soon.