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We want to have a personal and genuine connection to the fans and people who support our music. We're so thankful to be able to make music that stirs your soul in one way or another and we want you to know that we think about you every time we're on stage and in the studio.

We write music that is hyper honest, straightforward, and as real as possible. Some of the topics we discuss are taboo in much of society and we want to provide an open and real discourse about them. We believe the best way to start changing things is to open up and find people you can count on and who will give it to you straight. That goes for us. Our door (or Instagram/twitter/email) is always open if you need to start the conversation right here.

From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you and we can't wait to see you out there!

-William & band


LOWBORN lineup (L to R): Cody Bishoff (drums/pads), Wes Lauterbach (vocals/guitar), William Clayton (guitar/vocals), Zane Frye (synth/guitar/aux)