It’s difficult to be unique in this day and age, specifically in the music industry. But someone forgot to mention that to LOWBORN; the alt rock, emo-pop, hard-hitting foursome from Greensboro, North Carolina with a passion for music and a penchant for catchy tunes. Wes Lauterbach’s raw and powerful vocals are complemented perfectly by Zane Frye’s guitar and strong synth and William Clayton’s lead guitar and harmonious backup vocals, all held tight by Cody Bishoff’s consistent drum rhythms. Listen and you’ll find unabashed lyrics and real life topics with little-to-no pretense. Lauterbach’s aim is to connect with people in a genuine way, using struggles that he understands himself to give people a connective outlet. Constantly on the move with an impressive, polished live show, LOWBORN has been named a “band to watch” from media outlets nationwide. In a relatively short time garnering more than 1 million streams internationally and landed songs in top playlists. Don’t look away, or LOWBORN will soar past you before you know it.